EC 2017

EC2017 Event Information:         

Open Tournament (15+):
Mixed Team, Female Team
Youth Tournament (12-14):
Mixed Team, Female Team, Male Team,

Youth Tournament (12-14):
Female Individual, Male Individual
Team Championships (15+):
Mixed Team, Female Team, Male Team
European Masters (15+):
Female, Male

Event Brochure

Live Stream
The three competition days will be broadcasted in Internet via Livestream.

Unofficial Live Scores and Live Ranking on
During the competitions, all scores will be available to view as soon as they have been entered in the scoring system. Please be aware that these scores are unofficial until they have been confirmed by the ERSO competition committee, prior to the respective medal ceremony. will also provide a live display of the name and country of the Skipper/team that is actually presenting a Freestyle, in addition to the list of Freestyles still to come.

Arrival at Porto Airport and Registration:
When leaving the security zone of the airport and entering the public zone, please be sure to turn to the right, where a member of the host organization will be waiting to meet those who have booked an airport transfer.
The groups will generally be transported from the airport by bus directly to their hotel, where they will receive their welcome package and be allocated their hotel room. (Groups that arrive in the late afternoon may be transported directly to the competition hall, in order to be sure to be in time for dinner and the opening ceremony).
Competitor registration will take place in the competition hall during the allocated practice times.

Practice Schedule for Tuesday 25th July:
Please study the Practice Schedule for all Skippers and Teams for the arrival day (Tuesday 25th July) and be sure to be in the competition hall in time for your country's slot. It is important that ALL freestyle music CDs are fully tested on the competition sound sytem to avoid possible music problems during the competitions. We have planned sufficient time for all freestyles to be jumped during the practice times.

Competition Lists:
Please refer to the Competition Lists, which will be included in the event booklet, to see the starting order etc. All competitors need to collect their competition sticker (Skipper/Team number) before being able to compete.

Judge Allocation:
All judges the judge allocation list (which has been distributed to the countries) are requested to refresh their judging skills prior to the event by reading through the relevant sections of the Judging Manual.

European Youth Tournament (12-14) Individual and Team
European Open Tournament (15+) Team
European Championships (15+) Individual and Team
(see ERSO 2015 - 2017 Rule Book for numbers and limitations)

Basic Schedule:

    Arrival: Tuesday July 25th

    Competitions: Wednesday July 26th - Friday July 28th
      Wednesday morning: Open Team Tournament (15+)
      Wednesday afternoon: Youth Team Tournament (12-14)
      Thursday morning: Male and Mixed Team Championships (15+)
      Thursday afternoon: Female Team Championships (15+)
      Friday morning: Individual Youth Tournament (12-14)
      Friday afternoon: European Masters (15+)

    Camp: Saturday July 29th 09:30 (morning and afternoon)

Information about activities on Sunday July 30th will be presented at the coaches meeting at 18:30 on Tuesday July 25th
    ERSO General Assembly:
Saturday July 29th, 09:30

    Judges Update (changes to the rules for 2018): Saturday July 29th, directly after the camp

    Departure: Monday July 31st

Location: Braga, Portugal

Please send all correspondance to

Package Prices per person:

Only competitions, 4 nights (July 25th afternoon - July 29th morning):
     Package A4: 4 nights hotel accommodation: 350 Euros *
     Package B4: 4 nights university residence accommodation: 300 Euros *
     Package Golden 4: 4 nights 5 star hotel accommodation: 410 Euros *

Competitions and camp, 6 nights  (July 25th afternoon - July 31st morning):
     Package A6: 6 nights 3 star hotel accommodation: 460 Euros *
     Package B6: 6 nights university residence accommodation: 390 Euros *
     Package Golden 6: 6 nights 5 star hotel accommodation: 540 Euros *

Extra night:
    3 star hotel: 55 euros;  University residence: 45 Euros;  5 star hotel: 65 Euros

* Transport on arrival and departure days NOT included.
Airport transfer: (between Porto airport and accommodation) 15 Euros extra per person

March 31st Submission of Estimation Form and payment of 100 Euro Deposit per person
May 31st Submission of Final Registration Form including all details and full payment of all packages

Registration Forms: (submission to

Estimation Form (please download and submit by 31.03.17)
Registration Form (please download and submit by 31.05.17)
Judge Registration Form (please download and submit by 31.05.17)

Bank Account Details:
Each country is requested to pay the total deposit sum by 31.03.17 and the total remaining sum by 31.05.17 to the following bank account:

     BIC: BCOMPTPL, IBAN: PT50 0033-0000-45418882980-05

Please quote "EC2017, Country" (e.g. EC2017, Belgium) as the payment reference text and request your bank to cover ALL bank transfer charges.

Number of judges required:
Please refer to pages 2 and 3 of the FISAC-IRSF 2015-2016 Judging Manual and page 1 of the ERSO 2015-2017 Rulebook before registering your judges. Please refer to the list of certified international judges concerning the percentage of licence held by each judge (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%).

Articles of Understanding:
Please be aware that every person registered to take a package must sign and submit an Articles of Understanding form. These completed and signed forms may either be scanned and emailed to by June 30th or brought to Portugal and handed in at registration. Countries that decide to bring the original documents to Portugal are requsted to send an Email to by June 30th to inform us of this course of action.

EC2017 Spectator Tickets can be ordered in advance via Email to Please be sure to send if possible only one combined order per country, clearly stating the country name. Full payment is due on collection of the tickets at the sports hall. (The tickets will not be sent by post in advance.) Please refer to the Event Brochure for details.

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